Why automate?

Intelligent Automation Technology can generate many benefits for your organisation. It can automate mundane and repetitive tasks to allow your employees to focus on more interesting, high value work.

Because a RPA robots follow the same programmed rules every time, the technology can also have a positive impact on quality and processing time. With Intelligent Automation you can automate a range of operations and processes to achieve significant business value. Processes executed more quickly and accurately reduce operational risk.

Reduce Operational Costs
Improve Quality
Improve Procesing Time
Increase Capacity

Digital Workforce

Consider of your digital workforce the same way you do your human workforce. You can train your digital workforce to take on increasingly complex tasks and deploy them across your business wherever and whenever they’re needed most.

What’s more, you can fuel their decision-making skills by integrating AI, machine learning and OCR capabilities.

Allow your valued employees, however. In fact, they’ll work side-by-side, giving your people more time to focus on strategic, meaningful work.

We can help define your hyper-automation strategy, breaking it down into an achievable roadmap that is clearly scoped, with a defined approach and timeboxed plan.

No matter where you are in your automation journey, we can help

Ad - Hoc RPA

    • Have automated a few processes using RPA
    • Solves specific issues as they arise
    • Delivers isolated business benefit
    • E.g. Covid related spikes in demand quickly solutionized and implemented

Scaled RPA

    • Ability to aotomate simple processes across the whole company
    • Developed an Automation Operating Model
    • Implemented a Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Intelligent Automation

    • Automate more complex processes that do more than follow simple rules utilising Artificial Intelligence
    • Undestand text and speech
    • Make predicitions
    • Proces image and video
    • Classify

Hyper - Automation

    • Any process that can be automated is by default automated
    • New business processes are born automated rather than retrospectively converted
    • The business processes are an integrated and automated learning aganisation

Capabilities of RPA

The RPA use cases are endless. But there are key features to look for in RPA solutions that help you get started faster, scale easier, and work more efficiently. Some key capabilities we offer:


No-Code Automation

Out solutions save users from spending time manually writing scripts for automation workers. Talgo’s RPA solution has no-code automation functionality, so the business is in control of its digital workers.

Application Integration

Talgo’s RPA solution can integrate your critical business applications—whether modern or legacy—and connect systems that normally wouldn’t talk to each other. Our RPA technology offers native API connectivity making connecting your apps even easier.

Advanced Automation Technologies

Prepare your business for the next wave of automation capabilities like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Our digitial workers offer more sophisticated and complex results by augmenting human capabilities and enhancing decision making through your business.